About Judd Wheeler

About Judd

Judd Wheeler has spent nearly 25 years in digital marketing, consulting for hundreds of companies during that period, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. He has developed interactive multimedia, social media and Internet departments for companies. While many speakers are celebrities and self-proclaimed experts, Judd brings years of hard knocks experience and delivers the only way he knows how: fast-paced, energetic and packed full of nuts.

Adapting from technology to technology as the times change and the business winds shift, Judd captures lessons learned from each and applies it going into the next realm of human-technology interaction. The last shift involves the move to mobile. It’s the most exciting technology for him and he sees the most abundant opportunities for the companies he works with. He looks beyond the numbers and hype to find the true essence and how it relates to business and customers.

Are you doing enough to stand out from your competitors?

Is your mobile strategy strong enough to take on all comers? Do you even have a mobile strategy?

The levels of engagement that can be reached during the customer journey are infinite. Mobile can touch customers anywhere and anytime during the purchase process and the ability to affect their experience is fascinating and exhilarating. Judd brings this passion for mobile to his presentations. Whether it’s mobile marketing and advertising, trends, engagement or commerce, each presentation is designed to be educational and inspirational.

Judd Wheeler lives in Boca Raton, Florida.