Take 5


Take 5 is a quick 5 bullet list run down of different mobile marketing topics. Keep coming back for more Take 5 notes later. Feel free to share, use or reprint the articles at no charge. Please include the byline and a live link to my site when using the content.

Mobile Marketing Topics

Text Message (SMS) Marketing for Automotive Dealers

Engaging consumers, maintaining a top-of-mind relationship and personalized messaging are powerful strategies to sell more vehicles… 

Five Ways Restaurants Can Use Text Message Marketing

Restaurants cannot live in a bubble and succeed, no matter how good the food is. They must have an effective marketing strategy in place to attract new customers and build loyalty…


Five Ways Banks Can Use Text Message Marketing

Build trust and gain favor by providing quick and easy services. Increase your marketing return on investment and crack the difficult nut of communicating with 18-29 year olds…

Five Ways Realtors Can Use Text Message Marketing

People are busy. House hunters are no exception. You’re driving around looking at houses.